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The Gift of Tongues

Redeeming Grace is eager for the manifestation of the Spirit in every way God has designed for His church. That includes the gift of tongues.

In 1 Corinthians 14 Paul urges the church to pursue prophecy more than uninterpreted tongues because the main purpose of public gifts is for mutual edification. And that, of course, is our emphasis too. Nevertheless, Paul anticipates that tongues will be a part of a Sunday morning church service–though he requires that they be interpreted so all can benefit.

Therefore we desire all God’s gifts. But unfortunately the gift of tongues is often either neglected or over emphasized. We want to avoid both of those extremes and simply enjoy all God has for us, not being afraid of any of the manifestations of the Spirit, but eager for them all.

Since tongues is one of the less frequently experienced gifts (at least in Reformed churches) or misused through spurning Paul’s instructions for the use of this gift, we want to help those who are new to our church, or those who visit to understand this gift and how it operates in our Sunday morning services.

This sermon, The Interpretation of Tongues, will give you the context and the purpose for tongues in the church. We hope that is helps you enjoy, be blessed by, and grow in your eagerness for all the riches of the grace of Jesus Christ through the manifestation of spiritual gifts.

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