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The Church: God’s People, Under God’s Rule for God’s Glory


Our current eight week sermon series focuses on the nature of the local church. Starting on June 21st, 2015 we will delve into the glorious mystery–now revealed, that the plan of God hidden for ages was to reveal His glory through a redeemed people–the church.

Sermon #1. A Kingdom For His Glory, June 21, 2015. The foundational, theological principles that church is the exclusive expression and manifestation of the kingdom of in this age.

Sermon #2. What is the Church?, June 28, 2015 A detailed description of what the church actually is, what it entails, what must be present to make a church a church.

Church History Semiar: A History of Church Membership

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Sermon #3. The Particular, Peculiar Church, July 5, 2015. If the church is to reflect such glory–why is it sometimes so deficient, dull, and full of failing sinners? The glorious purposes God has in and through His church is displayed through weak, struggling, often failing, but gloriously redeemed people local congregations.

Sermon #4. The Unity of the Church. July 12, 2015. The New Testament speaks strongly to the necessity of the unity of the church. How are we to understand church unity? How do we practice it? Is it even possible?

Sermon #5. The Order of the Church. July 19th, 2015. The order of the church exist so that unity can be protected and preserved. God has established disciplines, practices, offices, and requirements in order to build unity in a church that contains justified, but not yet glorified saints–who have the Holy Spirit–but who also struggle with their remaining indwelling sin.

History of Missions Seminar: A History of Modern Missions Movements

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Sermon #6. The Mission of the Church. July 26th, 2015 This effort has been greatly distorted in our day–in the modern, evangelical, American church. Missions today reflects far more of the inventive, innovating, and independent strategies of men than it does the God defined mission of the church.

Sermon #7. The Racial Diversity of the Church. August 2nd, 2015 When Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus about the mystery kept hidden for ages, now revealed through Christ, he had a particular insight that he wanted them to perceive. The mystery that the Gentiles are fellow heirs of the promises! Jew and Gentile are now one new man. If the gospel is so powerful as to demolish the dividing wall of hostility between Jew and Gentile–it’s power should equally be manifest in racial unity in the church. A dimension of the gospel worthy of our pursuit and our sacrifice.

Sermon #8. Treasuring God’s Inheritance in the Saints: Applications for RGC. August 9th, 2015 We’ll conclude the series by reflecting on applications for Redeeming Grace Church. We need to establish a doctrine of church membership that reflects these glorious realities and resists the undermining superficial values of consumerism and independence that marks so much of American evangelical church life.

Additional Resources on the Church and Church membership:

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