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Sovereign Grace Churches


Redeeming Grace Church is part of Sovereign Grace Churches, Inc. Sovereign Grace is small denomination of churches who partner together to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. Together we seek to fulfill our mission by planting and strengthening churches, training pastors, producing resources, and engaging in missions throughout the world.

Beliefs: We are evangelical, Reformed, and charismatic. 
Size: Our family includes about 80 churches. Most of them are in the U.S., with some in Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, western Europe, eastern Africa, eastern Asia, and Australia. In total, we partner to varying degrees with pastors and church-planting networks in about 20 countries. 
Origins: Sovereign Grace Ministries was founded in 1982 out of Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Regions: Sovereign Grace churches are broken down into regions of between 5-20 churches each. We are a part of the Mid-South Region, which includes eleven churches in NC, SC, VA, KY, TN, and WV. There are currently eight regions in the US that are a part of Sovereign Grace.

Sovereign Grace churches are governed by the The Sovereign Grace Book of Church Order (PDF). Every SGC church delegates an elder to send to our council of elders meeting where all governance decisions are made. Ordination of elders takes place in the local church, and by the local church, but all elder candidates are tested and approved by our regional ordination committees.