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Dear visitor, please bear with this rather long letter.
You see, all the things that make our local church precious to us can’t be described with a few bullet points or a clever tagline.quill2

Of first importance to us is the gospel. We are amazed that Jesus would die for us and take us as His precious and beloved bride! And so we sing about the gospel, we proclaim the gospel through expository preaching, and memorialize the gospel every week by partaking of His table.

One of the effects of the gospel–wonderfully illustrated in the Lord’s Supper–is that every local church becomes a visible and vital expression of the body of Christ. And it’s only in particular local churches that Christians can experience this vital connectivity to one another. Church membership therefore is not like club membership, or party affiliation. Through local church membership we become attached to each other in spiritually vital ways–like a hand to a wrist, or an arm to a shoulder. The local church is a household of faith called to love one another like family–to care for one another, to help one another, and yes sometimes to bear with one another.

Because local church membership binds us and knits us together in spiritual unity, we encourage Christians seeking a local church to carefully consider such a weighty decision. If you are looking for a local church, and are considering whether Redeeming Grace might be that church, we would want you to take sufficient time to come to know what we are like and, of course, what we believe.

What Redeeming Grace Church is Like
Redeeming Grace is a small church that longs to live in light of a big gospel. Since we’re small we don’t have a lot of unique programs and activities for every age and status in life. But contrary to the typical expectations set by many large churches in our day, we believe that the ordinary means of God’s grace are sufficient for every believer to grow in grace in every season of their lives. So we preach the word, worship the Lord together, partake in the Lord’s supper, eagerly pursue the all spiritual gifts, fellowship together both formally in our home groups and also informally in one another’s homes, and we exercise the disciplines of the church.

We do provide teaching for younger kids on Sunday mornings, and occasionally we get our youth together for fellowship and teaching. From time to time we’ll gather for a men’s or women’s meeting, hold a Saturday morning seminar, engage in service projects, perform acts of mercy and outreach, or go on a retreat together. But most of these extra events are initiated and led by our members–rather than formally as church-directed, staff-organized events. The Proverb, “Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered,” (Prov. 11:25), is an apt description of our mutually edifying corporate life as a church.

That is what Redeeming Grace is like. But it’s also important for you to know what we believe.

What Redeeming Grace Church Believes
First we believe that you ought to care very much what we believe. Theology, the study of God, is extremely important to us because God is absolutely central to everything. What you believe about God is so important and so you should care what we believe about God, His Word, and all the doctrines and teachings of His Word. Theology and doctrine are so important to us that we have a ten week membership class where we go into detail on all the important doctrines, beliefs, and practices that we hold.

But in order to keep this to a long letter and not a book, we’ll shorthand our theological distinctives and let you to explore them more as needed.

Please note: This is not a list of all our doctrines, or even the most important doctrines. If that were the case we’d begin with the doctrine of God, the Trinity, and the doctrines about Jesus Christ. You can find a synopsis of these doctrines in our statement of faith. Rather this list is the combination of doctrines that make Redeeming Grace church (and all Sovereign Grace Churches) somewhat distinct from other denominations

If you cherish the church like we do, and if you share (or are agreeable to) our theological beliefs and convictions we would love to have you come and explore membership at Redeeming Grace Church.


Eric Holter, Elder, Preaching Pastor
Joe Jackson, Leadership Team, Elder candidate
Jim Harford, Leadership Team, Elder candidate

Michael Stalker, Deacon
James Alexandar, Deacon
Chip Henderson, Deacon